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New Costa Rica images
It has been a busy summer for me as a tourguide. While guiding in Costa Rica i managed to get about 80 new images for you. And within these photographs there are five new bird species on my website as well. Like the Cinnamon Hummingbird here on the left. Enjoy!

70+ New Iceland images
After my city trip in Budapest i took off for an photography tour in Iceland. Besides teaching photography, guiding a tour and driving the van i did not really have much time left to take a lot of photographs myself. Though i could manage to put 70 new images of Iceland and its wildlife on my site for you. This pushes the total amount of Iceland images on my site up to 800+.
Posted 22-August-2023

Budapest is ready!
While being on tour in Costa Rica i had many times no internet available. That gave me opportunities to finish all the photo's i took in the wonderful city of Budapest in Hungary. I can happy announce you that there are almost 350 images available for you of this beautiful European city. Hopefully my images will inspire you to visit this city in the near future. I am looking forward to go back.
Posted 14-August-2023

More stock images of Budapest
Finding time is a kind of challenge during my work as a tourguide. But, yet again, i could manage to make more images of the city of Budapest available on my website. So please feel free to roam around and enjoy the images. In case of need of any images please feel free to contact me so i can help you out. My pleasure!
Posted 25-July-2023

First Budapest photographs online
Long flights really are boring, at least to me. 2 days ago there was one scheduled for me from Amsterdam to San José in Costa Rica with a stopover in Houston. Though they are boring it gave me sufficient time to also start working on my first pictures from Budapest that i visited last month. So now the first images of this wonderfull city are available on my website. Feel free to roam around, hopefully you'll enjoy them.
Posted 15-July-2023

More Peru photographs available
Wow everyone. This really was a very busy month for me. A few days after i came back from Peru i had to go to Budapest in Hungary. And just after washing my clothes i continued with a photography tour in Iceland and now i am packing up my stuff to guide some tours in Costa Rica.
Though in the meanwhile i also managed to finish up my photographs i took in Peru which means there are about 400 new images from Peru available for you! So please feel free to roam around on the Peru section or anywhere else on my site. For any questions or assignments feel free to contact me.
Posted 9-July-2023

Many-colored rush tyrant

750 Bird species on my site!
Early this year i 'celebrated' that i reached photographs of an amount of 700 different bird species on my website. Back then i just hoped that i might reach the 750 species at the end of 2023. Well... not even 6 months later, after coming home from Peru i reached the total of 750 already. It still not much if you take in account that there are more than 20000 species in the world, but still it is a nice amount. The bird with the honor to be number 750? The many-colored rush tyrant! A beautiful species that i managed to get in front of my camera on the archeological site of Sillustani.
Posted 8-June-2023

Welcome to see the first Peru images
I am aware that i didn't post much new information here on this page. Thing is... i just finished another tour guiding in the beautiful country of Perú. During this 3 week tour i didn't really have good access to internet to upload a lot of images. Now my group, 19 wonderful people, are in the plane and i am in my hotelroom in Miraflores Lima i have to possibility to upload the first images. So feel free to watch the images of Paracas National Reserve and Isla Ballestas near Pisco.
Posted 4-June-2023

New Costa Rica photos available!
Today is the last day of my tour in Costa Rica. Tomorrow it is time to fly back home and prepare myself for the next one, Perú. Costa Rica was great again, the weather was great and i managed to put 7 new species of birds on the photo. So there is another additional 130+ new photographs available on  the site of the already more than 2000 Costa Rica images.
Posted 5-May-2023

800+ Japan images available
It was quite a job to edit all the images i took in Japan. But yes i managed, just before starting my new Costa Rica tour. So the good news is... you have a choice of more than 800 stock images of Japan. Please feel free to roam around on my site and by any questions or remarks just contact me.
Posted 24-April-2023

50+ new images of Kyoto
Yesterday i had a long flight from the Netherlands to Costa Rica. It gave me the opportunity to do some processing of my images from Japan. So This morning i added 50+ more images of Kyoto to the already big database.
Posted 22-April-2023

Hiroshima and Himeji online!
Yes! New images available of my Japan tour! This time you can find some images of Hiroshima and the castle of Himeji.
Posted 17-April-2023

New Japan images available
This morning i arrived back home from a 20 day trip through Japan. Like always Japan never disappoints. I didn't have much time during the trip itself to work on the photographs but i am happy to inform you that the first ones are now available on my site. Fist series are from Osaka, Mount Koyasan and Miyajima.
Posted 11-April-2023

Google Pay & Apple Pay support

To make everything even more easy for you to purchase images from this website, Google Pay and Apple Pay is now supported as well. Buying photographs is now also more easily done on phone or tablet.
Posted 2-April-2023

New Scotland images available
Finally i managed to find some time to put all my photographs of beautiful Scotland online. Around 200 stockphoto's of Scotland are now available on my site to enjoy and to download.

And of course you are more than welcome to roam around at my website. Did you know there are more than 25.000 stock images of diverse travel destinations and wildlife readily available on my website for just $5 a piece?

Posted 24-March-2023

Superb fairywren

700+ Bird species!
Yes, in the photography database you can now find more than 700 different species of birds. All of them downloadable. 700+ and still a lot more to come in the near future! Stay tuned!

Posted 8-March-2023

The very talented artist the Margaretta transformed one of my photographs into a beautiful, very detailed painting. The photo on you to your right, is actually not a photo but her drawing. She did put more than 100 hours of effort in the painting. I am very impressed. Click on the pic to see her Instagram page.

Posted 2-March-2023

New tour dates

Yes! I am happy to inform you that most of the tour dates for 2023 are available. Looking forward to my tours in Japan, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. Click on the image to see all my tours.

Posted: 2-March-2023

Tasmania photographs uploaded

Today i finished uploading all my pictures from my last tour through Tasmania i did in February 2023. For me it was the first time visiting this very surprising island in the south of Australia. Only wish i had more time to explore more. Feel free to enjoy the pics by pressing on the image to the right.

Posted: 01-March-2023

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